Telstra Eba Agreement

Negotiations continued this week as the Single Trade Union Bargaining Unit (SBU) and Telstra progressed towards a new agreement. Article 45 of Article 45 remains a central priority in the negotiations, but given the progress made, it could soon be overshadowed. The SBU has proposed further improvements to Article 45 to strengthen and preserve the rights of workers who can now be transferred to a subsidiary. As you will recall, we recently reported that the scale of reductions for staff transfers would be maintained with the actual maintenance of the salary at the time. CEPU President Shane Murphy said the wage offer was “disappointing” for union representatives, the agreement as a whole was “a long way off.” Electrical Plumbing Union Communications (CEPU) and Telstra have signed a new enterprise agreement. The EBA was approved in December 2019 with 65% of Telstra`s employees. The Fair Work Commission approved the agreement last week and begins its work today until its nominal expiration in September 2021. Telstra drew a line in the sand and interrupted any further discussions with the unions in order to reach agreement on a new EBA. The CWU and other union officials met with Telstra for the second time this week, on Thursday, August 6. As suggested, we are now moving towards the conclusion of the negotiations and the parties have agreed on a large number of issues. It`s time to vote After more than 500 days of negotiations, it`s time to vote on the proposed new Teltra Enterprise Agreement. CEPU members will be well aware that negotiations on this new enterprise agreement have not been easy.

With one of Australia`s biggest work cleanups in history as the backdrop to the negotiations, Telstra`s management is every step of the way on the heels. Thanks to the unity of the members who met at the beginning of the year as part of a coordinated union campaign, as well as the tenacity of the Single Bargaining Unit (SBU), which represented joint discussions with the Trade Union Bargaining Unit (SBU) and this week`s Telstra meeting to continue negotiations, the SB5 became, as in the last meetings , the case. , this fixation of the discussions again dominated by Telstra – the company shows once again clearly that it will not reach an agreement in one way or another without a paragraph 45.