Alexa Business Associate Agreement

In April 2019, Alexa announced HIPC compliance and introduced six counterparty agreements. Alexa`s partners included Express Scripts, Cigna Health Today, Boston Children`s Hospital, Providence St. Joseph Health, Atrium Health, and Livongo, and their skills included tracking prescription deliveries, checking personal health goals, updating patients for care teams, locating emergency centers, scheduling appointments, and viewing past blood sugar levels. It is important to note that the HIPC Data Protection Rule for the Protection of Protected Health Information (IHP) has set standards that limit the use of voice technology. Amazon uses HIPAA-compliant data transfers, so the Alexa voice assistant can be offered to selected healthcare organizations. In addition, Amazon offers its partners counterparty agreements (BAAs) that meet HIPC requirements (BAAs are required before transferring PHI from one entity to another). Although the applications of virtual assistants in the healthcare sector are currently limited, their application will spread with the increase in technology. When integrating new technologies, covered entities (CEs) and business Associates (BAS) must confirm that the technology they have chosen is HIPC compliant. Is it legal/ethical to have hidden an Alexa in the waiting room of a doctor`s office (like hidden under a chair)? Not to say he`s in the office???? Amazon is expanding its Alexa hipaa-skill program, a year after its debut. Any developer interested in companies or business partners covered by HIPAA can apply for special certification that proves the capability meets Amazon`s standards. With the use of voice technology becoming increasingly popular in the healthcare industry, offering a hipaA compliance guide could help position Amazon as a leader in this area. The company sees its voice technology as one of the most promising activities that could be used to provide patients and nurses with more timely information to manage their conditions and access services. Here are the Alexa tools featured on Thursday: The announcement was accompanied by the launch of six language programs developed by major healthcare companies, from Boston Children`s Hospital to digital health company Livongo to insurance giant Cigna.

The new tools allow patients to use alexa to access personalized information such as post-surgery progress updates, notifications about prescription delivery, and the location of nearby emergency centers….