Another Word For Agreement Accord

1 “The National Assembly granted the general more power” a written agreement between two or sovereign states 1 “The two countries were about to sign an economic cooperation agreement”, concordia, Agreement, Wifaq, Concorde, Harmony, Agreement, Agreement, Reconciliation, Giving, Understanding, Concordance, Law; to hold on to one another; adapt standards. Synonyms: Compliance, Pact, Contract, Compliance, Compliance IDF (Israel Defense Forces) works on the basis of young people who are introduced, bring their own views from the street, and there is always a risk that they will act and shoot on their own initiative if there is no need. If properly implemented, it can lay the groundwork for less tension with the United States and create the conditions for a new era. But if the Americans do not respect their part of the nuclear deal, our relationship will certainly remain as it was in the past. Synonyms:Abidance, Ossification, contract, conformity, pact, conformity, conformity, conformation, conformism, conformity of rights, conformity, agreement 2`such an idea seems to correspond to the state of the situation` Research and development has currently become the most critical and difficult subject, and there will be no agreement if the Iranians do not give in. No constitution has ever been respected in a private corporate organization to properly appoint, assess, evaluate and grant a deserved salary and recognition to the virtuous person. “The association acts unanimously in this matter” Always attach great importance to spontaneous kindness. The one whose propensity motivates him to cultivate your friendship on his own initiative will love you more than a man you have tried to attach to you. to be granted as appropriate or appropriate; to admit or forgive. synonyms:harmonize, grant, los, parcelling, consortage, authorize, give, adapt, adapt, adapt, adapt, set up, manage, distribute, harmonize, distribute, distribute, distribute, contribute, divide, divide, give, forgive, allocate, distribute, console, distribute, distribute, distribute, distribute, distribute, distribute, say synonyms:harmonize, correspond, agree, be together, square, unisono, harmonious, square, harmony with opinions or actions or signs Personn es Synonyms:(1) Coronary Angioplasty, CORvasal & Diltiazem (2) Measures to control cardiovascular risk in diabetes The 1954 Geneva Convention ended the Franco-Indochinese War. Antonyme: disagree, distinguish, inappropriate, deviate, misheard, falsely conform, hold, deny, refuse.. .

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