What Is The Letwin Agreement

A key factor is that they want a deal that keeps the UK in close agreement with the EU – particularly in terms of labour standards, environmental protection and consumer protection, and they recognise what they believe to be a weakening of the government`s commitment to these “level playing field” commitments. The Letwin amendment passed parliament by a majority of 322 votes to 306 and delayed a vote on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson`s Brexit deal. But what is it? Amendments submitted before Parliament`s vote on a bill proposed by the government (as presented before it entered into force) are proposals to amend, delete or supplement its wording. In this way, they act as a parliamentary review of the legislation envisaged by the government. The decision on Johnson`s deal is expected to be so incredibly tight that it could even fall to two or three votes. if it takes place today. Sources at 10 Downing Street previously said that if the Letwin amendment were passed, MPs would be sent home: “A vote for Letwin means MPs vote so that the whole day they asked for doesn`t make sense.” And that`s what happened. The Benn law was passed by MPs earlier this year and forced the government to ask for a three-month extension of the EU`s deadline if no new withdrawal agreement was reached by 31 October. Sir Oliver said he tabled the amendment as someone who “voted three times for Theresa May`s deal, who publicly guaranteed to vote for any deal that provides for an orderly exit. and who will vote for Boris` excellent deal at all stages until the third reading of the implementing legislation, without any changes. After being passed by the House of Lords, the bill returned to the House of Commons late on April 8 to vote on the five amendments passed by the House of Lords.